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10 Magical Disney Instagram Accounts To Follow

Going on Instagram everyday is so much fun for me truly because of the inspiring people I have surrounded myself with. I get so motivated and excited to create content because of all the different yet completely magical people I have met in the Disney community. Below are 10 Instagram Accounts that I just love so much. The people behind these accounts are honestly such sweethearts and without even realizing, have helped shape my account into what it is today.

Their creativity, kindness, authenticity, & passion is what I love so much about them and really shines in everything they post. I've linked all of these creators pages so please please check out all of these amazing people and give them a follow on Instagram!

ALL of the color on Mallory's feed!! Every photo and story she has makes my colorful heart so happy because everything she shares is so full of color and so full of magic! She lives in Orlando and visits the parks very frequently so she's always sharing about her day trips to Disney and her life at home on her stories when not at of my favorite types of content!

When I tell you I save every single post that Hayley shares as inspiration... I'm not kidding!! Her posts are so creative and I just love her photo ideas! Her casual yet stylish Disney outfits are right up my alley and I love that she shares so much about the parks/the Orlando area since she's an Orlando local too!

Claire truly brings Disney to life wherever she is. Her Disney photos at home (she lives in Canada!!) are spot on and look so natural...literally goals and everything I've ever wanted to achieve with my at-home content. She is such a sweetheart and so genuine in her posts/stories that it makes me so excited for her to post!


Jeff is the flatlay king. His style absolutely blows mine out of the water and I still can't get over his iconic Disney style. He shares such down to earth and inspiring captions and I always feel so good about myself and inspired after seeing his posts. Being on his page is like talking to a real hypeman... I love it!

Rebecca is SUCH a sweetheart! She did the DCP with me in 2020 and although we didn't get a chance to meet on the program, we certainly have connected so well since then. She is such a positive light and is always sharing about her trips to Disney and her time in Disney while on the DCP. Her photos look so effortless and candid which I love so much too!!

Karissa's style, creativity, photo ideas, and realness is truly inspirational. She shares about her Disney style, adventures in the theme parks, and is always on her stories sharing her daily life which is so fun to follow along with! I honestly save every one of her photos for either Disney trip tips or photo inspiration. She's just so authentic and I love how creative she gets with her content outside of Disney!!

Shannon is truly such an inspiration. She shares her subtle Disney lifestyle which I can totally relate to. She also touches on how hard Instagram can be which is honestly so reassuring because I've definitely been frustrated with IG more times than I can count! I love how simple yet magical her Disney content is and I really look forward to all of her stories and reels!!

I always find myself watching Brynn's stories and looking at her posts! She's such a relatable person and I love how she incorporates Disney into her everyday life at home! Her edits are so fun and literally scream Disney magic and happiness. She's so incredibly kind and real and I love that she shares the good and not so good parts of her day/life in general on her stories!!

Kristi is so uplifting and her posts instantly bring happiness my way when I see them! I love seeing her Disney style both in the parks and outside the parks and how she incorporates Disney into her everyday life! Kristi is so incredibly friendly and it totally shows in everything she posts. Not to mention, her hair and hairstyles she can do are purely magic!!

Jo's editing is FABULOUS. She truly adds Disney (or Harry Potter) magic to every single photo and I am always blown away by her creativity. She has totally pushed me with my creative juices this past year and I am so thankful! She's so kind and genuine in every interaction I've had with her and I absolutely love that she takes the time to respond to every comment I've ever written or message I've sent her; that means everything to me!!

I know I said I'd be sharing 10 but it's truly so hard to just leave it at 10!! I have two really close friends of mine that I met at the VERY beginning of my Instagram days. Although our content has evolved through the last three years, it has been SO cool seeing both of them figure out the types of content they love to share and watch them grow!!

Liv is always sharing such fun content and her Disney style is SO creative. I'm obsessed. She absolutely encourages me to step out of the box with my Disney content at home which is really really motivating to me!! Liv is a Disneyland gal so naturally all of her Disneyland content makes me want to go to Disneyland even more!! Liv is so down to earth and I absolutely love how real (yet magical) she is on her stories and even in her posts. I look forward to everything Liv posts truly because she's such a sweet person and I really feel like she's talking to me when she posts!!

Chelsey has always inspired me with Disney style and absolutely was the inspiration behind finally reading through all of the Harry Potter books this past fall and winter! She's branched out into more areas than Disney like Harry Potter and Marvel and honestly it's so nice to see different content that's not so Disney(probably shocking to hear but true!). She's so sweet, supportive, and caring with everything she does or says; and I love that about her!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these accounts that bring so much inspiration and happiness my way!! I absolutely love all of these people more than I can say. Share some of your favorite accounts in the comments! I love seeing all of the creativity out there :)

See ya real soon,



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