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5 Outfit Planning Tips for Your Disney Trip

The last three weeks before my trip were spent outfit planning because I really just couldn't help myself. This current Disney trip (that I am literally on right now!) I am mainly doing non-park things like Disney Springs, different Disney resorts, possibly mini golf, trying new restaurants on Disney property, and just hanging out on different modes of transportation like the Skyliner and the Monorail.

However, because it isn't strictly parks on this trip, it was a little harder planning outfits just because we don't know exactly what we're doing every second of this trip. We have an idea, but it's nothing like an itinerary for park days! Nonetheless, outfit planning is one of my favorite parts of the leadup to a Disney trip. In this post today, I put 5 of my best tips together that help me best plan my outfits! I hope this makes planning and even packing a little bit easier for your next Disney trip!

Here are my 5 tips for planning outfits on your Disney trip:

1. Check the weather. Absolutely no progress can be made unless you have a general idea of what the temperatures are going to be on your vacation!

For my trip, it's been in the 80's and 90's so that meant all summer outfits for me!

2. Figure out your itinerary for your trip. If you don't know what you're going to be doing it's going to be veryyyy hard to plan outfits. I wrote a blog post last week on my best tips for creating an itinerary for your trip!

I made sure we solidified our itinerary before planning outfits because I prefer wearing different types of outfits based on what we're doing.

3. Decide what kind of outfits you want to wear. Do you want to have more casual outfits or more dressy outfits? Are you more into dresses or would rather wear athletic shorts? I'm much more casual than other people but this trip were truly treating it like a vacation so I'm leaning more towards the dressy side. I brought lots of skirts, comfy/cute shorts, crop tops and sandals instead of just my white sneakers, jean shorts, and Mickey tees.

4. Plan outfits day by day. Instead of just throwing together lots of outfits, go day by day to avoid overpacking. I will literally lay out all of my outfits on my bed/floor in my room to visualize the outfits I'm wearing. I ALWAYS overpack but have been trying so hard to be better about that because at the end of the day, I prefer bringing a smaller suitcase!

5. Wear outfits that you can mix and match. I love mixing and matching clothes! It's such an easy way to save space and completely change a look. I love wearing a tank top with a skirt and with jean well as wearing jean shorts with a tank top and a Disney tee. Hair scarfs and shoes are my favorite things to help completely change an outfit!

My rule of thumb: bring one pair of sandals (brown or black-not both), one purse (brown or black- not both). Not bringing both eliminates the struggle of not knowing what to wear and saves so much space!

As you can tell, I absolutely LOVE planning outfits. This really might be just as much fun as being in Disney for me, hahaha! I hope you liked this post and please let me know what your best tips are for outfit planning! Oh, and be sure to follow along on my IG stories this week for some nonstop Disney content!!

See ya real soon,



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