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5 Tips for a Long Distance Relationship on your DCP

I was SO excited about doing the DCP that I wasn't really dreading being away from Michael for so long. I was so confident in our relationship that I knew we could handle it... & guess what? We made it! Both time! We got through it with literally one fight on my first DCP... about a care package lol! So here's what I found to help our long distance relationship!

1. Open communication. I always kept Michael in the loop about what I was doing & he did the same for me. It's not that we have trust issues because we don't. It made both of us feel better about being far apart knowing what the other one was doing.

2. Talked on the phone. We always always alwayssss talked on the phone. Even if it was for 2 minutes, it was really nice hearing his voice!

3. Reassured him about my feelings. I constantly kept telling him how much I loved him & cared about him. It can be really hard to show your person how much they matter to you when you're not physically there. So by reassuring him & telling him how handsome I still thought he was, & vice versa, kept us happy.

4. Planned a trip for him to visit me. About halfway through my program, Michael visited me & it was like we had picked up where we left off! We 100% appreciated our time together and it made the 4 months away from home not feel so long.

5. Remembered that it wasn't permanent. There were definitely some hard days. Valentines Day, Easter, and the days after he left were really really hard on me. I just kept reminding myself that this is the dream I wanted. I'm not going to waste my time being sad, because this isn't permanent. In the scheme of things, a couple of months is not that long compared to a lifetime together!

Being scared to handle a long distance relationship is normal. You don't really know what to expect so yeah it can be scary! But, if you're meant to make it and you're both confident that you can get through it, you will.

Always remember, my DM's on instagram are always open if you're still a little nervous! I'd be happy to listen :)

See ya real soon,



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