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DCP Phone Interview + 5 Tips

Hello, hello! This is my third and last post in this series about the DCP Application Process. The last step is the Phone Interview, so if you’ve gotten this far, congratulations! This is a generic phone interview, like every other job. After you pass the WBI, you get to schedule a PI! For my first DCP, I scheduled mine for August 28th at 10:00am. I scheduled it earlier in the day because it kept me from stressing about it all day long.

On the day of your PI, the interviewers may call 15 minutes before and up to 15 minutes after the time you select. Because I’m super dramatic and anxious, I was ready by 9:00am, haha! But, my interviewer didn’t call me until 10:08am.

Here are 5 Tips that helped me get through my PI!

1. Write Down Your Roles

On my application, I ranked my roles by High Interest, Moderate Interest, Low Interest, and No Interest. Then, for my PI, I wrote each role on a note card along with why I wanted that role and why I was qualified for it. I felt a lot more organized that way and I didn’t have to think about what roles I had chosen because they were right in front of me.

2. Look Up Potential Interview Questions

I am such a planner. I liked knowing every question I could potentially be asked, and planned a response for every single one. This blog post absolutely saved me. It lists potential questions and all of the questions that I was asked were on this post!

3. Tape Notes To Your Wall

I learned from many bloggers and Youtubers that you shouldn’t be fumbling through your papers during your interview. I wasn’t planning on doing that, but I did want some notes in front of me. After thinking  through the questions, there were some that still tripped me up so I wanted to be sure to write those responses down. I decided to tape my note cards to my wall by my desk (where I would be having my PI). I included the responses that were tripping me up, my strengths and weaknesses, my roles, my 5 top roles, the 5 most recent jobs I had, and also a few reminders! On my desk I had my work experience printed out (that I put in my application) just in case I needed to refer back to that. I also included a note card filled with the questions I was going to ask my interviewer because it’s super important to ask questions! Honestly, I didn’t really need any of the cards, but having them there made feel more prepared. It was just for my benefit in case my interview was going horribly.

*I had a note card on my desk where I wrote down my interviewer’s name. Bonus points if you remember your interviewers name and thank them for their time.

4. Look Nice

I am generally someone who likes dressing up. When I go to school, I will choose wearing jeans and a sweater over sweatpants and a hoodie. Because of this, it was no question that I was going to dress up for my Phone Interview. I feel happiest when I’m wearing makeup so I put a full face of makeup on, and picked out one of my favorite outfits. I felt so confident and happy and I think that totally showed in my interview!

5. Smile

This is the most important tip of all. Every Disney recruiter will tell you this. Every DCP Blogger. Every DCP Youtuber. Smiling is contagious and the recruiters can definitely hear you smiling through the phone. It made me much calmer and happier to keep smiling and it actually made the interview more relaxed and fun!

I felt really happy with how my interview went. I didn’t get tripped up on the questions. My interviewer was so sweet, we were laughing the whole time. She made it seem like more of a conversation than an interview!

I hope this helps you with your Phone Interview! Feel free to comment with any questions down below. Best of luck to you with your Phone Interview!

See ya real soon,



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