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25 of My Favorite DCP Memories

Today is July 30, 2020. It would've been the last day of my Disney College Program if it wasn't for COVID-19. I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't still upset (4 and a half months later) about not being able to finish my program and going home after 7 weeks. Heck, I'm in tears writing this, hahaha. As sad as I am, there is SO much to be grateful for and countless memories to hold on to forever. I will never forget my time as a Fairy Godmother in Training at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Cinderella Castle or living in Patterson Court Apartments with my best friends, Maranda, Grace, and Sami, and brother, Adam.

I put together this list of 25 of my absolute favorite memories from my program that make my heart so warm and happy. These are the things that got me through my program when it didn't feel so magical because honestly my role was MUCH more difficult than I was expecting! But I hope you enjoy this magical list of memories that brought me so much happiness during my program :)

  1. Going to the Kitchen Sink with Maranda, Grace, and Sami and not finishing it because how could we ever finish 8 scoops, a million toppings, and a whole can of whipped cream??

  2. When my Traditions got cancelled but I got ready anyway to take photos because I wanted the iconic nametag photo in front of Disney University and wasn't sure if I would get the chance to take it when I eventually did have traditions! It ended up being the next morning but didn't know until 30 minutes before I had to be there so I looked like a hot mess. Good thing I took my pictures ahead of time LOL.

  3. While walking through the Utilidor on my fourth day of training on the verge of crying because it was so hard, I saw my fairy friend Bronwyn (who knew how stressed I was) and she just walked right up to me and gave me the biggest hug and reassurance and it somehow made me feel like everything was going to be okay. It was just such a cute lil moment.

  4. Walking up to the Mission: Space queue and seeing Adam in costume working for the first time. It was so out of context and I was so used to seeing him in running clothes but it made me so happy.

  5. Carpooling with my fairy friend, Sam, every day to and from work and looking like such weirdos driving through Lake Buena Vista in our fairy costumes.

  6. Sitting front row of Kilimanjaro Safari with Grace and Sami, with Maranda as our safari guide, and literally having butterflies because we were so excited to listen to her!

  7. Meeting Garrett and Manilla from @thebucketlistfamily with Grace and Manilla giving us a blue Mickey balloon. Watch the video here!! Skip to 5:26.

  8. When one of my princesses asked me who my favorite princess was and I said "Anna, of course, because she likes chocolate and likes to laugh" she responded and said "you also have such a kind heart and are so caring just like Anna too".

  9. Weekly smoothie dates at 8:45am to Tropical Smoothie Cafe with Maranda so we could get the Early Bird discount.

  10. Trying not to cry when one of my princess gave me the biggest hug and said "thank you for making me so beautiful!!!" after her transformation.

  11. Going to the cast preview of Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway with Grace and riding in tears because it was just that good.

  12. While in the boutique, looking up from doing my princesses hair and all of a sudden seeing Cinderella making her way around the boutique to say hello to all of the princesses.

  13. Cooking brunch with Maranda, Grace, and Sami while setting off the fire alarm and then eating the yummiest Olaf waffles.

  14. Meeting Fairy Godmother at the Magic Kingdom Cast Celebration with Sam and her telling us that we were doing such a good job in fairy school.

  15. Getting forced to ride Mission: Space (Orange) with Grace and Adam and literally feeling like my head was going to explode... and not feeling quite right the rest of the night.

  16. Walking into the Boutique every day and smelling immense amounts of perfume and listening to the Princess Dance play on an endless loop.

  17. Getting napkins thrown at Adam and me by our waitress at Whispering Canyon Cafe because that's the vibe there and it's hilarious.

  18. Standing in the castle cheering on the marathon runners and singing Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boo to them as they ran by.

  19. Jamming to "All I Want" from High School Musical The Musical: The Series with Maranda every single day in our room while we got ready.

  20. Meeting Rapunzel on our last day with Sami, Grace, Maranda, and Adam and getting in a group hug with her as she was telling us that we were going to do such amazing things and that we will always carry magic inside of us.

  21. Staying at the Grand Floridian with my best friends on one of our last nights and having the best castle view on property.

  22. Ordering room service at the Grand Floridian and staying up til 2:30am reminiscing and listening to the Magic Kingdom entrance music.

  23. Eating at Ohana at the Polynesian and ordering non-alcoholic $12 drinks in pineapples just to seem fancy and fun.

  24. Getting pixie dusted by 25 fairies during my fairy graduation on my last day while singing Bibbiddi Bobbidi Boo.

  25. Crying while talking to my princess about donuts while doing her hair because I knew that it would be my last transformation ever and wanted to make it the most magical I could. And it truly was.

It was just such a magical time and I would go back to experience the magic in a heartbeat! I know these memories won't hit you the same that they hit me but I just wanted to share some bits of my program with you. This is such a heavy day for me so thank you so much for being here and sending this post some love. It means so much. I hope you have an incredible rest of your day!!

See ya real soon,



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