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Merchandise in the DCP

As you know from my Instagram & my previous blog posts, I was a Merchandise Cast Member on my Disney College Program in Walt Disney World for my first DCP. When I opened my offer letter & saw my role, I lowkey got super nervous because I had never ever ever done any type of merchandizing before & now I had to operate a cash register in WDW... oh my gosh. Don't get me wrong, I was so excited about it too but definitely apprehensive just because of the whole cash register thing, haha!

In this post get ready to learn all about my role on my DCP & what my merchandise experience was like!

I made magic in Adventureland so I worked in the two Adventureland gift shops, the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop, anddddd THE GLOW CARTS!! I could have a shift in any of these places but because I was a CP, I basically worked glow because the full-time Cast Members didn't love it (which I was absolutely not mad about). For the first month of my CP, I was always in Pirates but once I was trained on Glow... bye bye Pirates!!

I pretty much worked 4:30-10:30pm 5 days a week. I usually had Wednesday's and Thursday's off which was great. I honestly LOVED my schedule! I got to sleep in (8 or 9am is sleeping in for me), work out or go tanning at the pool in the morning, get ready for work, pop into Magic Kingdom before my shift, make some magic, drive home with my other CP glow gals who turned into my BFF's real quick, maybe get some free Cast Member frosties, then go to bed... and do it all over again the next day. I really had nothing to complain about!

But let's get into the specifics of what I did exactly in Pirates or on Glow!

Pirates of the Caribbean Gift Shop

  • Check guests out with their treasures after washing up on shore from the attraction

  • Help guests find specific pirate merchandise

  • Call other gift shops to see if they have an item we are out of

  • Ship someone's purchase to the front of the park or their resort

  • Help clean up the store because it really does get messy with all those Pirates running around

  • Engrave leather bracelets for our Pirates

  • Give directions and recommendations on dining places, attractions, shows... ALWAYS!!

  • Talk to guests all the time because they love talking about their trip and where they're from

  • & my favorite task... merchantain!! This is literally such a fun one. I would stand either at the entrance of our store or the exit, grab one of our fake snakes & snake charm with it... tell me that wouldn't freak you out, LOL! It made for such a good conversation starter though!

Sidenote: Adventureland gift shops do the same things as in Pirates minus the pirate aspect. I only had about 3 shifts here, though. That's why I'm basically talking about Pirates.

Glow Carts

  • Lead the Festival of Fantasy parade out (when I worked the morning's from 10:30am-4:30pm)

  • Stand at my cart during Happily Ever After & cry because it's so magical

  • Merchantain again AKA wave my Crystal Mickey bubble wand or Tinker Bell wand for 5 hours on stage

  • Be in a different part of Magic Kingdom every day!

  • Give directions. Honestly did this more than sell actual merchandise some days!!

  • Answer questions about absolutely anything... food that's not burgers, rides for a 6 year old, closest bathroom, where to meet Mickey, good spot for fireworks, help with MyDisneyExperience. Literally anything!! & that was one of my favorite parts!

  • Sell the glow items, check the guests out

  • Talk to guests about everything!

  • & usually if I was in Fantasyland or the front of Main Street USA, a character would come stop by my cart & try to take some merchandise which was always entertaining.

So that's literally what I did on my CP. It was a dream come true & I would go back to it in a heartbeat! If you have any other questions about my role, comment them below or message me on Instagram! Thank you so much for checking in and please stop back soon because there are lots more DCP posts to come!

See ya real soon,



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