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The DCP Is Returning in 2021

The Disney College Program is something I hold so close to my heart. If you aren't familiar with what it is, this is the official website for the DCP which lays out all the important info of what this program is! I did the DCP in the spring of 2019 from January to May and did a second DCP in the spring of 2020 from January that was supposed to go until July but was shortened due to the coronavirus pandemic. I was sent home with thousands of other CP's within 4 days and I cannot explain to you just how devastating those next few months were for me, my brother, best friends, and so many other CP's around the country and world.

Prior to leaving, Disney Programs had us fill out a survey to indicate if we were interested in coming back to essentially finish out our program when the parks were open again. My optimistic self really thought that time would come in May or June of 2020 so I hung on so tight to the thought of being able to resume my role and life in Orlando once the pandemic was over. More and more Cast Members were let go from the company over the next six months and it made me truly be realistic with myself and come to terms with the fact that my time with the company as a CP was done. I couldn't sit around waiting to be called back and really just needed to move on with my life in NY as a college graduate.

Over the last year we found out that the Disney College Program would be temporarily suspended until further notice which broke my heart. I love this program with every ounce of pixie dust inside of me and even if I couldn't go back to spread magic in the parks, I want other people to experience what I was able to. The WDW parks and resorts slowly started to reopen in July which of course made me excited but also so sad the there would be no CP's making magic for guests.

Flash forward to May 2021 and we found out earlier this week that the Disney College Program is coming back!! Right now, applications are open for those who were a part of the DCP in Spring 2020 (my program) and those who had applied and been accepted for Fall 2020 but unfortunately had their program cancelled. This gives these participants the chance to finish out their program or actually do the program after what happened last year. This program starts as early as June and is a 5-7 month program like a normal DCP, however, the earliest you can depart is January 2022!

This new DCP process looks like this:

  1. Receive a specific email/link from Disney Recruitment if you are eligible for this program

  2. Apply through the link with your desired dates to arrive and depart

  3. Select candidates will be selected based on arrival date indicated & business needs

  4. Upon acceptance, pay program fee

  5. Within 1 week of arrival date, find out role and location

To reiterate, this particular DCP is only available to those whose program was cancelled or shortened. I don't have any other information on when the DCP will open back up for new applications but I will definitely share when I do have that information. I am able to share though that starting this year, CP's are able to stay at the newly developed housing complex, Flamingo Crossings! It looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

Now, you're probably wondering if I am going to apply to go back on this DCP and the short answer, I am not! I've come to terms with the fact that I am done making magic for the mouse and it's truthfully just too hard on my heart to go back and do another program. The Disney College Program is an experience/internship. Its not a career. At this point in my life, it would be lots of steps backwards and I just can't do that. I absolutely LOVE where I am with content creating, blogger, running my own business and couldn't give that up for a temporary internship. It was so hard leaving Disney and all my friends twice on both programs and I really can't put myself through those goodbyes again!

Had I been offered this chance last year at this time, I absolutely would've considered it and most likely have gone back. But, a lot of things happen in a year and I really couldn't sit around waiting for that time to come! I did put a halt on DCP content just because it felt super weird to be sharing tips for a program that was temporarily suspended but now that it's on its way back, I'm in full DCP mode again!

I hope this post was helpful and clears up some of the confusion with the DCP world! If you have any questions about the DCP returning, feel free to ask in the comments or message me on Instagram and I'd be more than happy to answer! If you are applying to go back, I wish you the absolute best and hope you have such a magical time back with the mouse!!!

See ya real soon,



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