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DCP WBI + 5 Tips

Hello, again! This is my second blog post in this series about the DCP Application Process. Hopefully this post gives you a better understanding of the WBI and what it’s like. I also have 5 tips for the WBI so be sure to keep those in mind while taking it!

If your application passes, then you move on to the second step of the application process and get to take the Web-Based Interview! Some people don’t stress about this at all, some people (like me) think this is a life or death situation. It’s basically just a personality test with four different sections. In each section, there are a bunch of questions (not sure how many in each… didn’t have time to count!) that ask how you would respond or act in a certain situation and what your personality is like. Immediately after the test is over it will tell you if you have passed or failed. If you fail, unfortunately, that’s it. You are unable to take it again for the upcoming program but you can reapply for the next program. But, if you pass, you get to schedule your Phone Interview!

There are two types of questions asked in the WBI. The first couple of sections consist of multiple choice questions. These questions will be like, “What statement best describes you?” or something similar. Then it will give you 4 different statements that you have to choose from.

The other type of questions in the remaining sections were based on a 1-5 scale. 1 representing “Strongly Disagree”(or something similar), 5 representing “Strongly Agree”(or something similar). These types of questions would give you a statement and you would have to answer with if you strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree.

So, with that being said, let’s jump right into the 5 tips that helped me pass my WBI!

1. Use “Strongly Agree” and “Strongly Disagree”.

An employer doesn’t want to see that you’re wishy-washy with your answers. They want to see that you’re confident and know yourself as a person. It’s okay to use “Neutral” 2 or 3 times but it’s smartest to not respond this way every time.

2. Read each question out loud

The questions are timed. In the Multiple Choice sections I had 50 seconds to answer each question and 20 seconds to answer the scale-based questions. I felt super stressed, worrying about the time. Reading each question out loud helped me to understand each one better…and faster than I would have if I hadn’t read it out loud.

3. Breathe/Relax in between each section

In between each section, the screen would show new instructions for the following one. I took some time in between each section to compose myself and breathe, and make sure I was ready for the next section.

4. Answer honestly

With all of these questions, the questions will be repeated in a different form (worded differently) and show up in a later section. It’s very important to remember what you answered and not lie. If I lied, then it would’ve been a lot harder to remember what I said earlier.

5. Don’t be tired!

This test was kind of long- it took me about a half hour. For me, that is a super long time to be staring at a screen… so I made sure I was wide awake before taking it.

So that’s the WBI! As long as you go into it knowing what to expect, it won’t be so bad! Make sure you know yourself and you’ll be good to go. Good luck and fingers crossed you pass! Feel free to comment down below with any questions you have about the WBI. Click here to check out my post on the Phone Interview!

See ya real soon,



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