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My Merchandise Costumes: DCP Spring 2019

My location for my college program of Spring 2019 was Adventureland/Pirates. This means I had MANY costumes! Not complaining about it though and you'll see why when you scroll down!!

Adventureland Gift Shops:

Pirates of the Caribbean Gift Shop:

Glow Carts all over Magic Kingdom:

I also picked up a shift at Epcot. I worked at Gateway Gifts/Camera Center which are the two gift shops under Spaceship Earth.

Later in my program I picked up a shift at the Emporium on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. I lovedddd this one!!

And last but not least, I picked up a shift in Animal Kingdom at Discovery Trading Company which is one of the two biggest merchandise shops in DAK. Here's this costume!

Not that I'm biased or anything, but I am obsessed with Disney costumes. TRULY OBSESSED. I love how themed they are and I feel like I'm actually playing dress up, haha! Last week I wrote about what it's like being a Merchandise Cast Member and what I specifically did at work every day in my home location, Adventureland/Pirates. You can read that post here. Hope ya enjoyed this one :)

See ya real soon,



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