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The Key to Taking Good Instagram Pictures

Happy Friday, everyone!! I figured it's about time I share some of my tips with you for taking Instagram pictures! This is definitely one of my most asked questions so why not share what I've learned over the past 2 years from taking pictures both in Disney World and at home for my Instagram?! Below are 10 different things that I feel play a HUGE role in taking a photo worthy for Instagram.

From most to extremely most important, here are my tips!

10. Having a Prop

I've found that it can be super awkward and repetitive to keep taking pictures without changing it up. It doesn't have to be anything crazy but just holding a coffee cup, flowers, purse, can give you something to interact with and not feel so awkward just standing there!

9. Quality Camera

You want something reliable and accountable to use to take your pictures. We now live in one wants to look at pictures that are blurry or grainy! If you don't have a fancy camera that's absolutely okay because iPhone cameras (or Android) have an amazing camera that works perfectly!

8. Patience

If your pictures aren't turning out well (maybe it's the background/lighting/your poses), it can be SO frustrating. If your pictures aren't coming out the way you envisioned, just remember to breathe and try something else! Taking pictures literally is so much harder than it seems, hahaha!

7. Good Lighting

For my pictures, I try to take them in a well lit area. I don't like taking pictures in the dark/with flash. I just think the flash is very unattractive. But, I also hate taking pictures when the sun is extremely bright because that's also unflattering and I can't help but squint, lol! I try to either take pictures where the sun isn't directly on me like when it's overcast out. This takes so much practice to find out when the best time to take pictures is. If it is sunny then I'll put some sunglasses on/not have my face in the shot!

Ex) If it's a super sunny day in Magic Kingdom, I won't ever take my pictures at noon because the sun is way too harsh. Instead, I'll wait until 6pm, closer to sunset, when the sun is way lower in the sky because there aren't any weird shadows on my face then!

6. Angle, Angle, Angle!

Say you're trying to take a picture of you in front of Cinderella's castle. To get most of/the whole castle you either have to stand REALLY far back(which just isn't possible in Disney World) orrrr you can just squat down and angle the camera up. Doing this can literally help so much in your pics and it's been a life savor for me!!

Ex) Maybe this can show you what I mean!

5. Pretty Background

Literally my favorite part of taking pictures is finding a pretty place to take them at. My favorites are simple backgrounds like those that don't have a lot going on behind me. I try not to take a picture in front of a crowd of people because that takes the attention off me (wow that sounds conceited LOL) and makes the picture look chaotic/not as aesthetically pleasing!

4. Outfit

Your outfit is obviously so important! This is what will draw people's attention to your pictures so it's important to put some thought into it and try to match the vibe you're trying to set/background you're taking pictures in front of.

Ex) I probably wouldn't wear a floral sundress with sandals while taking pictures in Galaxy's Edge in Hollywood Studios. It just wouldn't really go. I would though wear that outfit if I was trying to take pictures wandering around World Showcase in Epcot!

3. Go on Pinterest for picture inspo

I never try to take pictures with no idea of what I'm trying to do. I at least try to have some plan of the pictures I want to take. I have a whole board of ideas so if you want to check it out, click here!

2. Look natural and smile!

If you couldn't tell, I love smiling and laughing. And that's usually what I'm doing in 99% of my Instagram pictures. It can be hard to do this on command though and under the pressure of knowing you have to smile. I try to have whoever is taking pictures for me, to make me laugh so I look as natural and not so posed.

1. Feel Happy

Taking pictures is supposed to be a creative and fun thing! Find what makes you happy, whether that be playing music while taking your pictures or bringing along your friends to hype you up! Make it a happy time and have fun!

I hope these give you some ideas on what to do the next time you're taking pictures! It may seem super overwhelming and like there's a lot to remember but I promise it'll get more natural the more you do it! Happy picture-taking and please let me know if you have any other questions!!

See ya real soon,



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