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Updating My Fall Wardrobe with Wantable

I LOVE fall clothes. With all my heart. I am obsessed with fall, fall clothes, the fall aesthetic... I live for this time of year. I mentioned on my Instagram over the summer that I started to reinvent my wardrobe because I just didn't feel like it was me anymore. From graduating college, living in Florida for two semesters, to the pandemic last year, I completely lost my style and was just not happy with it anymore!

I've been finding new stores I love, pieces/colors I feel confident in and doing so has made me feel so much better and like I know who I am again... as silly as that may sound! It's still a work in progress and I am by no means done with my wardrobe but I'm starting to get an idea with what I truly love to wear. I started working with Wantable at the beginning of September and they have been such a huge help in finding my style again!

Wantable is an online styling service that makes shopping for clothes (and accesories) SO fun and enjoyable. With the monthly subscription service, you get 7 items in your box each month and only pay for what you keep. Inside each box is a return package with a (free) preprinted label so that returning is super simple :)

When you first sign up, you take a style quiz so your personal stylist has a very clear idea of what your style is, what you like/don't like in terms of certain items, colors, patterns, etc. In the quiz you also indicate your sizes for each type of clothing item and at the end of the quiz, you have the chance to write/explain your personal style to your stylist in more detail than you could in the quiz.

After the quiz, you can go through the "Stream" and can request anything you see that you really like! It isn't a guarantee that you'll receive any of these pieces in your box but you definitely might and it also helps your stylist get an idea of things you like! For each monthly box, you can tell your stylist if there is anything in particular you're looking for. For October, I told my stylist I was looking for more cozy cardigans so she included one in that box that I ended up loving! There is a $20 styling fee that you pay when you place your first order and that $20 goes towards whatever you end up keeping from your box that month.

Below are some of the pieces I have gotten so far from my Wantable boxes! I have the Style Edit but you can also choose from the Active, Sleep and Body, or Men's Edit.

Sweater and Skirt from Wantable Style Edit

Sweater, Scarf, and Jeans from Wantable Style Edit

Sweater and Scarf from Wantable Style Edit

Important things to note about Wantable:

  • 1 box with 7 items

  • free shipping and returns always

  • $20 styling fee that is later applied to whatever you end up keeping from your box

  • save 20% when you keep 5+ items in your box

  • 5 days to decide what to keep/return

I absolutely love this service because it takes the stress away of deciding what to buy. It's truly such a magical feeling getting each box and seeing the 7 items that are chosen specifically for you! Not to mention the quality has been incredible with each item. If you do decide to sign up, you can take your first quiz through this link and receive $25 off your first monthly order!

I cannot wait to receive my next box so be on the lookout on my IG stories to see what I get and help me choose what to keep and return! If you have any questions about Wantable, feel free to comment below or DM me on Instagram. I'd be more than happy to answer any you have! Have a wonderful rest of your week, friends!!

See ya real soon,



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