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10 Epcot Photo Locations

Epcot has some of the prettiest places to take photos, specifically World Showcase!! It's just so gorgeous and I swear, I'm always finding new places to take photos!! I made an Instagram Reel about 10 photo locations in Epcot that I love and thought it would be useful to make a blog post out of it too!

I always have such a fun time in Epcot so wanted to put together a post showcasing 10 Epcot photo locations that I LOVE!! All of these spots can be found throughout the park in Future World and World Showcase.

I shared my 10 favorite Magic Kingdom Photo Locations too so be sure to check that out for your next MK day!

Bubblegum Wall

Located at the exit of Spaceship Earth

Front of Spaceship Earth

Located at the very front of the park

Outside the Italy Pavilion

Located outside of the pavilion along the lagoon

Canada Pavilion

Located at the very back of the Canada Pavilion

Front of Mission: Space

Located at the front of Mission: Space attraction

United Kingdom Pavilion

Located on the main "street" in the United Kingdom Pavilion

Italy Pavilion

Located on the right side of the Italy Pavilion closer to America Pavilion

Morocco Pavilion

Located at the very back of the Morocco Pavilion by Marrakesh Restaurant

Entrance to World Showcase

Located where Future World and World Showcase meet

France Pavilion

Located in the France Pavilion on the International Gateway side before Ratatouille

Feel free to save this post to Pinterest or share it on social media so you can refer back to it on your next Epcot trip!! Let me know what your favorite spot is or if you have other spots you love taking pictures at in Epcot!

See ya real soon,



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