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Staying at Disney's Pop Century Resort

I got back from my Disney vacation about a week and a half ago and our stay at Pop Century truly made our vacation!! I've stayed here multiple times this year and have really started to fall in love with this resort and all that it has to offer. From the modern rooms and the cute photo spots to being on the Skyliner Route, this resort easily became one of my favorites!

The Rooms

The rooms are all super modern with the cutest art of Mickey Mouse. I love how simple all of the rooms are here... made for a super cute photo opp! This resort is themed after different decades and although you can't choose what decade you stay in, all the rooms are the same- just the outside of the buildings are different! We stayed in the 80s section and outside of our building was the Computer Pool. Although we were a bit of a walk away from the Skyliner, we were not too far from the front of the resort and the buses which was nice.

Our room had 1 queen bed, 1 pull down queen bed, a dresser with three drawers, a mini fridge and TV. The bathroom was definitely small but the three of us could get ready in there without a problem. There was a double wide vanity with one sink, lots of storage space for all our bathroom items, a small rack with hangers in the bathroom to hang up clothes, a closed off shower and toilet.

Disney rooms are typically on the smaller side and although this wasn't a super spacious room, I thought it was fine for us! There isn't a ton of walking space between the bed and the dresser but it's really not that bad in my opinion. I'd much rather have a bit of a smaller room staying on property than being off property just because I think it's more convenient with free transportation and being more magical!

The Dining

Everything Pop is the quick-service location here and is open all day long for all three meals and snacks throughout the day. Petals, the pool bar, has super yummy drinks... my favorite is the "Hula Hoop" which is super fruity and colorful! There are not sit down restaurants at this resort but if you're looking for a nice dining option you can easily make one ahead of time at one of the resorts on the Skyliner route (Riviera, Caribbean Beach, or any of the Boardwalk resorts) or go to Disney Springs.

I didn't get anything except some Goofy snacks and a bottle of water hahaha but the gift shop is super cute and the quick service area is huge!


I LOVEEE the photo spots at this resort. I'm obsessed with taking photos at pretty walls and Pop is covered with them. Throughout the resort are a plethora of larger than life Disney characters like Roger Rabbit, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and many more. There are super happy and motivating words on a lot of the buildings that overlook the Hippy Dippy Pool and it just makes for a very uplifting environment!

The Transportation

My brother and I took the Magical Express from the Airport to Pop and we're so happy we finally got to go on it since the service is being discontinued in January 2022. The Magical Express was super quick and easy to use both to and from Pop.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I love the Skyliner. I love everything about the Skyliner and the fact that we got to stay in a hotel on the route was AMAZING. Although we did not take the Skyliner to the parks in the morning, we took the Skyliner home from Studios and Epcot two of the nights and that was so much more relaxing than taking the buses. We didn't have to wait for the Skyliner when we took it home from Studios but on our second night we did have to wait 15 minutes at Epcot for it!

We took the buses a ton on this trip but in this post I just want to briefly explain how it was at Pop. The buses supposedly come every day about an 45 min-1 hr before that particular park opens. A lot of friends on Instagram said to get to the bus stop 30-45 minutes before the first bus comes to make sure you get on the first or second bus. From my past experience, every time I've stayed at Pop, the bus lines were SOO long in the morning around when the parks opened. We made it a goal every day to not get stuck in the bus crowds so we got to the bus stop every day an hour and a half before the park opened. So if the park opened at 8am, we got to the bus stop at 6:30am. When we got there every morning, there were about 20 people already there before us and we assumed we'd be waiting about 45 minutes for the bus. Every morning, the bus came 15-20 minutes after we got in line. We had no idea the buses actually came that early but were so happy because every morning we made it on the first bus and got inside the parks before they officially opened!

Things To Do

Pop has a few different pools across property and even though we didn't utilize them on this trip, they're much less crowded during the day than at night. They're not anything super special which is why we didn't stress about a pool day! Our first night we did a Skyliner Bar Crawl... SO FUN. I'll go into detail about what exactly we did in a future blog post but we rode the Skyliner to different resorts and got a drink/food at each one! It was so fun to be able to do that and not worry about driving. We loved being able to explore other resorts close by like the Riviera Resort since that's one of the resorts on the route as well and is a deluxe resort!

All in all, I seriously love Pop Century. No wonder I keep ending up here on every vacation! Being a value resort, it definitely doesn't have the grand appeal that a Deluxe Resort has but the vibe is super chill, upbeat and a great place to stay if you're wanting to stay at a Disney resort but not spend an absurd amount of money! It was super affordable for us since we split the room three ways which was awesome.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this resort and if you've stayed here before too. Thanks for stopping by, love you always!

See ya real soon,



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