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Best Drinks in Epcot

Drinking around the world in Epcot is something that's on most people's bucket list but can be so overwhelming! There are 11 pavilions in World Showcase which means it can be super daunting to find a drink (a good drink- might I add) in each one. Whenever I'm in Epcot and trying to find a new drink or food, I find it sooo hard to find one. There are always so many options and I honestly don't want to spend money on something that I won't end up liking. Especially because Disney food and drinks can be so overpriced!

Within the last few years, I've been asking my followers on Instagram for their food/drink rec's and they usually don't disappoint!! I have made it very clear on IG that I absolutely hate the taste of alcohol. My favorite drinks are super fruity, sweet drinks where you cannot even tell there's alcohol in it, hahaha.

On my recent trip, my friends and I partially drank around the world and although we didn't get a drink from every country, I wanted to share my personal favorites that we tried! With the countries we didn't get a drink in, I still wanted to share what the most popular drink was based off recommendations on Instagram! Now, keep in mind that these rec's are going to be on the sweeter side but honestly, who doesn't love a refreshing, fruity drink?!

Here are my picks for best drink in each pavilion in Epcot:


Frozen Margherita. Okay, I'm not a margarita gal at all BUT the frozen marg's are growing on me a bit. These in particular are a huge favorite in Disney and are available in different flavors! They can be found at Choza de Margarita outside Mexico.


Viking Coffee. I feel like literally every single person on IG responded with this drink. I wanted to try it SOO badly but just wasn't in the mood for coffee at the time so I didn't try it, sadly! My parents were in Epcot over the weekend and they did try it and loved it! So next time I'm in Epcot, will for sure be trying this!! It can be found in the Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in Norway.


Kung Fu Punch. I tried this drink a few years ago and honestly don't remember exactly what it tastes like but I remember it being okay and definitely fruity! It was also recommended a lot on Instagram so that's why I'm including it again! It can be found at The Painted Panda outside the China Pavilion.


Grapefruit Beer. I'm not a beer gal at all but this honestly wasn't too bad. This is a highly recommended drink and I can totally see why. I wouldn't say it's my favorite just because I'd much rather something fruity but obviously in Germany beer is the way to go so this is my rec for sure! It can be found at the Bier Refreshment Stand.


Bellini. I didn't get this drink but most of my friends did and it was fruity for sure!! Not my absolute favorite but I'm not sure if I convinced myself that so I wouldn't buy one, lol! It can be found at the Donkey Cart in the Italy Pavilion.


Arendelle Aqua Lemonade & Moonshine Sour. Recommending both of these because they're both so good. The Arendelle Aqua Lemonade is a frozen blue lemonade and is SO refreshing!! You can find the lemonade at Block & Hans. The Moonshine Sour is seriously so sweet and yummy & I cannot wait to go back to get another one on my next trip. This one can be found at Regal Eagle's outside bar.


Tokyo Sunset. Hands down, my all-time FAVORITE drink I have had in my life. I'm really not kidding. If you only want to try one drink from this list, please let it be this one!! When I think of my ideal drink, it's this. So fruity, so colorful, so refreshing. It can be found at Japan's outdoor sake bar.


Tangier Breeze. I have not tried this one but this drink had soo many recommendations so hopefully on my next trip I'll be able to try it! It's supposedly super fruity and can be found *I think* at Spice Road Table.


Any martini slushy. On my recent trip I tried the Le Passion Martini Slushy from the France Food & Wine Booth at it was sooo good! Although this one isn't available all year round, they have different flavors of this type of slushy and all are very recommended each year!

United Kingdom

Cider Black & Welsh Dragon. The Cider in the UK Pavilion is SOO yummy. Cider is one of the few types of beer I actually really like and this is is definitely a tasty one. I did not try the Welsh Dragon but that is another that is highly recommended! Both can be found at Rose and Crown.


Ottawa Apple. I didn't get a chance to try this one and was so excited to! We spent way too much time in France on our trip...oops! This drink is supposedly super refreshing and can be found at the popcorn cart outside the Canada Pavilion.

There you have 11+ drinks to try on your next trip to Epcot!! I will say, my BEST tips for drinking in Epcot is to 1) stay hydrated and 2) share drinks with a friend or two. This makes it so much cheaper and allows you to try more drinks than you would if you would alone. Disney will give you an extra cup if you ask for it or an extra paper straw so always ask if you'd like an extra!! Oh, and always tip when you can!!

Share this list on Pinterest so you can refer back to it on your next trip to Epcot! Tag me in your IG Story when you try any of these drinks and let me know what ones you like or don't like! Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of your day :)

See ya real soon,



Courtney Mayhew
Courtney Mayhew
Aug 21, 2022

We drunk round the world when we came in June, it was SO much fun! Kung Fu Punch from China was my fav!

Courtney x


Adelyn Kunos
Adelyn Kunos
Sep 03, 2021

I can’t even drink yet but will save this post for when I can, lol! 😂

Danielle Yeager
Danielle Yeager
Oct 14, 2021
Replying to

It will make 21 that much more exciting!

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