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Disney Skyliner Bar Crawl: How To + 5 Tips

The Skyliner Bar Crawl is one of my FAVORITE things to do on Disney property when not at the parks! As you know, the Skyliner is my preferred mode of transportation so I'll take any excuse to go on it! If you aren't familiar with it, the Skyliner is essentially a gondola system that runs from a few of the Disney resorts, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. It's completely free to ride along with all of these other free things on Disney property. While you're on the Skyliner, you get the most breathtaking views of Disney World. If you haven't been yet, I highly recommend just because it's insanely cool!

The Skyliner hub is at Caribbean Beach Resort. From here you can get on one of three Skyliner routes: to Pop Century/Art of Animation, to Hollywood Studios, or to the Riviera and then Epcot. The super fun thing about the third route is that the Skyliner pulls in at the International Gateway (entrance at World Showcase in Epcot) meaning you can take a super short walk to the Boardwalk resorts (Boardwalk, Yacht Club, Beach Club, and the Swan and Dolphin resorts).

You currently need to wear face masks while on the Skyliner and inside any indoor location so make sure you have one before you go. Here are my favorite face masks from Kitsch and if you purchase through this link you'll get 20% off and I earn a small commission :)

Now, there is not a parking lot for the Skyliner so it can be a little tricky if you want to ride when not staying at any of these resorts but it is possible. You can make a dining reservation at any of the restaurants, mobile order at the value resorts, or you can park at Disney Springs and take a bus to Hollywood Studios or one of the resorts. Not ideal but it would definitely work. It gets tricky because you're not allowed to park at resorts if you're not staying there unfortunately. I always try to avoid paying for parking at the parks unless I'm going to the parks so I would avoid choosing to park at Studios

How To Do The Crawl:

There's honestly not a right or wrong way to do it but I like to choose three or four resorts (depending on time) on the Skyliner route to stop and get a drink at! My ideal route would be Caribbean Beach, Riviera Resort, then Pop Century. I think this is the easiest route but if you're looking for an even more gorgeous view and have the time, definitely take the Skyliner to Epcot after Riviera and head to the Boardwalk on your third Skyliner Bar Crawl stop.

Below are my drink recommendations for a few of the resorts:

Caribbean Beach: Pink Guava Colada at Banana Cabana

Riviera: White Sangria Blanca at Bar Riva

Pop: Hula Hoop at Petals

Here are my 5 tips and recommendations for doing the Skyliner Bar Crawl:

1. Do your research. Decide what resort you want to start at and how many you want to go to. This is my best advice for anything on Disney property because if you don't do your research, you're really doing yourself a disservice and losing out on time wasted trying to figure it out on your trip. I typically go to three resorts and end at the one I'm staying at. On my last trip we stayed at Pop Century and we started at the Riviera, then Caribbean Beach, then went to the Boardwalk, and went back to Pop to finish!

2. Decide parking before. Are you staying on property already? Going to have to Uber somewhere? Parking at Disney Springs? Figure that out beforehand too! Staying on property, particularly the resorts on the Skyliner route, is super easy because you don't have to worry about parking at all. Since we stayed at Pop, we didn't have to worry about the logistics of parking which made the night so enjoyable. Now I'm not saying you should stay at a Skyliner resort just to do this; I'm just saying it is easier if you are lol!

3. Give yourself plenty of time. The first time I did this, we started way too late and didn't have enough time to go to a third resort which really bummed us out. The Skyliner stops running an hour after the last park closes so usually around 10 or 11. Keep this in mind so you don't run into any trouble! We started around 6pm on my most recent trip and that worked out really well for us. We got to relax at each resort and didn't feel rushed!

4. Make sure to eat. There are so many yummy dishes and treats at the resorts on the Skyliner so make sure to eat along the way or before! I love the quick service at Riviera, Primo Piatto and the bakery on the Boardwalk. They have super yummy foods and treats!

5. Explore the resorts while you're at each one. The Riviera has the most gorgeous murals that you will pass under when you get off the Skyliner so you must check those out. Caribbean Beach is so tropical and it's so relaxing to hang out on the beach chairs and hammocks in the sand there. The Boardwalk has many resorts and all are Deluxe resorts. They're simply beautiful inside and not to mention the atmosphere at the Boardwalk itself is just so fun. If you're looking to take some photos while on your Crawl, here are some Skyliner Resort photo spots!

I know this is the Skyliner "Bar Crawl" but you can definitely do this with non-alcoholic drinks, food, desserts, etc. I honestly would love to do a dessert crawl here some day lol! I hope this gave you an idea for the next time you're in Disney World and on your next non-park day. When you try this, please let me know how it goes and tag me in your IG stories! I'd love to know it goes! Thank you so much again for checking out this post and be sure to follow along on my other socials for more daily content. If you want to pin this post, feel free to pin any of these images :)

See ya real soon,



Adelyn Kunos
Adelyn Kunos
Sep 10, 2021

gonna have to try a dessert crawl sometime soon following your tips!!

Danielle Yeager
Danielle Yeager
Oct 14, 2021
Replying to

I would loveee to do a dessert crawl too!

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