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10 Fall Date Ideas

Hello!! I hope you're having such a happy fall so far. After sharing my fall bucket list last week, it inspired me to share some fall date ideas for this next post! As you know, Michael and I have been together for 4 years now. Going on weekly dates has been a priority for us since the absolute beginning. Our first date was on a Thursday(June 9, 2016 to be exact) and we continued to go on a date every Thursday for the next year. It got to be a little expensive after our first year of college so we took a lil pause from date night but still spent time together that day every week!

We started date nights again during Quarantine because there really was nothing else to do. We got very creative with our dates and learned to appreciate the things that didn't require going places like car rides and playing cards together. In this blog post, I've put together a list of 10 dates for the fall that are perfect for 2020!

Here are 10 Fall Date Ideas:

  1. Go on a scenic drive

  2. Paint/carve pumpkins together

  3. Go to a winery or brewery (if you're 21+) or make an at home wine/beer tasting

  4. Build a blanket fort and watch movies in it

  5. Go apple picking

  6. Have a Halloween movie and pizza night on Disney+

  7. Go to a corn maze

  8. Watch a football game together and make some super yummy snacks

  9. Bake a fall recipe together

  10. Make a fire and play some board games

I really love finding new dates for Michael and I to go on/recreate which is why I wanted to share it with you today! I hope this list sparked some ideas for you and if any of these inspire you, let me know!!

See ya real soon,



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