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10 Hollywood Studios Photo Locations

Although Hollywood Studios is my least favorite park, I do love some of the photo locations in this park!! I cannot wait to go back to Studios to explore even more hidden photo spots because there really are so much more than in this post!! I made an Instagram Reel featuring my 10 favorite photo locations in this park and knew it would be helpful to share as a blog post too!

All of these photo spots can be found in various lands and areas in Studios so I hope you check them out next time you're there! Feel free to look at my 10 favorite Magic Kingdom & Epcot photo locations as well!

Here are my 10 favorite places to take photos in Hollywood Studios:

Tower of Terror

Located on Sunset Boulevard before Tower of Terror

Sunset Blvd. Shops

Located on the left side of Sunset Blvd. in front of various shop entrances

Front of Once Upon A Time

Located on the right side of Sunset Blvd. in front of Once Upon A Time shop

Popsicle Stick Wall

Located in Toy Story Land near the exit of Toy Story Mania

Millennium Falcon

Located in Galaxy's Edge in front of the Millennium Falcon

Nom Nom Wall

Located near the Incredibles Expo before entering Toy Story Land

Luggage on Sunset Blvd.

Located on the left side of Sunset Blvd.

Milk Stand

Located in Galaxy's Edge near Milk Stand

Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway

Located in front of Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway

Near Muppet 3D Vision

Located along the side of Muppet Vision 3D

Feel free to save this to Pinterest or elsewhere on social media so you can always look back at these locations when trip planning or just stuck on where to take photos in Disney! Thank you so much for stopping by and please let me know what your favorite spot is of these locations or if you have a different favorite!

See ya real soon,



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