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10 Ways to Stay Happy At Home

Right now is kind of a really crazy time in the world. In my lifetime (which is oh so long, hahah), we've never had a global pandemic so the world isn't very happy right now. In NY, we're under a "Stay At Home" order which literally means what it sounds like- we should stay at home! Since I got home from my Disney College Program, I've been trying my absolute hardest to stay positive even under all of these circumstances.

You guys know that I don't like to be upset, negative, pessimistic, etc. After finding out I was being sent home from my DCP in four days, my mental state was literally plummeting. I couldn't stop crying, shaking, sulking... I'm sure you can imagine. So on my three day long car ride home I decided real quick that that was the end of my bad attitude! There was nothing I could do about my situation or what was going on in the world. So I've been doing everything I can to distract myself, stay productive, and most of all, stay happy! I want to share with you what I've been doing that's helped me stay happy and not feel so "stuck".

Here's my list of 10 things I've done to stay happy at home:

1. Reorganized my room

I'm sure you can only imagine how chaotic my room looked after moving home- a literal disaster zone. I am such an organizational freak too so this just made me SO anxious!! It took me about two full days to completely clean and reorganize everything but it feels so nice now that it's done. Definitely worth it and I'm so much happier because of it!

2. Restarted my blog

This has been weighing on me for the last couple months. I've wanted a fresh start from my old blog for the longest time and now was the perfect time to do that!! It has kept me busy for so many days and there is so much I'm looking forward to doing on here. So if there are any blog posts you want to see, let me know in the comments!

3. Play around with makeup

I haven't done this as much as I want to but now is literally a perfect time to try new makeup looks! This year I made it one of my New Year's resolutions to get better at makeup, too. I'm really excited to try a bunch of my girl, Mackenzie Brown's makeup looks from her youtube channel!!

4. Bake cookies

My mom and I literally bought so many break-n-bake cookies and cupcake/cake mixes and I'm so excited to bake them all! We made (mostly her while I ate the dough because I'm 7 years old at heart)) cookies the other day and they turned out sooo yummy!

5. Work out

Honestly, this is the only thing that keeps me being productive the rest of the day. It's like when I work out, I get a million things accomplished and have such a better day compared to when I don't! I'm super thankful that we have a home gym in our basement but I also love doing workout videos on YouTube! I'll really do whatever I'm feeling that day as long as it makes me happy!

6. Watch movies

Hahaha don't be fooled though, guys. I can be such a couch potato some days. Since Disney+ came out, there are SO many movies that I've been wanting to watch and now I get to watch them ALL. The Cheetah Girls, Frozen 2, Marvel movies, Aladdin Live-Action, and Boy Meets World( which is ADORABLE) have all treated me very well!! I'm thinking of watching the Lizzie McGuire Movie next, what do you think?

7. Get some fresh air

It's been kinda cold here so I haven't been outside too much. But, I sat out on our deck the other day with my mom and drank some coffee together- yup, so cute. And another day we sat outside and worked on our blogs together- also, so cute. I've gone on a couple drives with Michael which has been refreshing! I hope it warms up soon though so I can actually go for a walk outside and not feel like my fingers are gonna fall off, LOL!

8. Act like a little kid

Whether it be coloring in a coloring book, painting some art, doing a puzzle, playing board games, it's fun to just act like a kid. This speaks to my Disney soul of never wanting to grow up but literally this is so important. These things make me so happy and helps to actually forget about the craziness going on.

9. Some acts of self-love

I always try to set aside time for the little things like face masks and painting my nails but for some reason it is SO hard for me. I love doing these things but it's just difficult to do it consistently. I've made it a point to do these things on a regular basis and I feel so much better now that these are at least becoming part of my weekly routine!

10. FaceTime my friends

Group FaceTime is a SAVIOR. Apple, I love you for that. Yes, my best friends from my DCP and I literally got ripped apart from each other and now live in completely different parts of the country(COVID-19, I do not love you for that). It's so refreshing, though, to be able to pretend that we're all having a sleepover over FaceTime. I literally love that we can do that!!

I hope this list gives you a better idea of what small things you can do at home to feel happier. It's helped me so much and I hope it helps you too. Let me know in the comments if you can relate to any of these or what you're doing to stay sane and happy!!

See ya real soon,



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