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15 Best Disney Parks Music Loops on YouTube

When I'm not at Disney, you can find me listening to Disney Park music on repeat. I am always searching and finding new loops to listen to while I'm working, cleaning, getting ready, etc. I wanted to share my absolute favorites that have become my go-to's over the last few years. Hope it brings some pixie dust to your day :)

  1. Walt Disney World Resort TV

  2. 40 Years of Magic

  3. Epcot Center Innoventions Area Loop

  4. Epcot Entrance Music Loop

  5. Soarin' Exit Music Loop

  6. Tapestry of Nations Music

  7. Magic Kingdom Entrance Loop

  8. Pirates of the Caribbean Queue Music

  9. Tomorrowland Area Music Loop

  10. Fantasyland Music

  11. Hollywood Studios Entrance Area Music Loop

  12. Animal Kingdom Tree of Life Loop

  13. Pandora Music and Ambience

  14. Disney Springs Background Music

  15. Toy Story Midway Mania Queue Area Music

Let me know how you like these loops and what you're favorite is! And check out my Disney Parks Music playlist on YouTube for even more loops!

See ya real soon,


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