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15 Things In My Disney Park Bag

Well, I'm on my way back to Disney next week so I'm in the midst of planning outfits and packing!! I'll be going to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios one day while I'm there and one of the things I'm most excited to do is pack my park bag lol! One of my FAVORITE things to do is pack my backpack for a Disney park day so I figured I'd share the 15 things that I always bring with me!

Here are 15 things I always bring with me to the parks:

  1. MagicBand

  2. Wallet (cash, cards, gift cards)

  3. Sunglasses

  4. Extra Face Masks (my favorite are Kitsch and you can use this link to get 20% off!)

  5. BandAids/Ibuprofen

  6. Ears

  7. Extra Top (T-Shirt or Tank)

  8. Deodorant

  9. Extra Makeup

  10. Trading Pins

  11. Camera

  12. Extra Camera Battery

  13. Hand Sanitizer

  14. Scrunchies/Hair Scarves

  15. Portable phone charger

I also wanted to share some of my favorite places to buy park backpacks from so here are a few stores/backpacks I love for Disney!

Target (Fashion Backpack's)

Marshall's/TJ Maxx (can be a hit or miss)

Macy's (a little pricier but sometimes can find a good deal)

This backpack is from Macy's:

And this one's from Marshall's:

Let me know what some of your favorite things to bring to the parks are! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a magical weekend.

See ya real soon,



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