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5 Things College Has Taught Me

I just officially unofficially graduated this past weekend! I finished classes in December, received my diploma (in the mail-very anti-climatic) in January and was supposed to walk the stage in May to finish everything off. My ceremony is postponed until July 18th so I'm at this awkward point where I'm graduated but it doesn't totally feel like it but it also does at the same time. Very weird, haha. So since I'm sorta basically done with my undergrad, I'm sharing 5 things that college has taught me these past 4 years!

1. It's okay to not follow everyone else. I did the absolute opposite of the typical college kid. I lived at home, didn't party, chose to have about 2 friends from college. I didn't want to force myself into anything I didn't want to and doing so has made me such a happier person that way.

2. Have confidence in what you like and believe in. Not every single person is going to think what you think or like the same things that you like. The sooner I understand that, I actually felt comfortable with myself and what I enjoy.

3. If you don't know what you want to do, that is totally fine. I'm now graduated and I'm not 100% sure exactly what job/company I want to work for. But that's okay. I'm literally 22 years old. Most people in their 30s/40s are still trying to figure it out.

4. Life is expensive. I've learned to be so much more frugal with my money because the things I want in life (an annual pass to Walt Disney World, trips to see my friends from my DCP, a beautiful wedding, my dream house of course) are not cheap.

5. You don't need 50 friends to be happy. I have one best friend from high school, my boyfriend, one friend from college, a handfsul of friends from each DCP, and family. I realized I would much rather have fewer friends with quality relationships than having so many friends that I can't even remember what our last conversation was.

Thank you, like always, for stopping by and let me know in the comments what you learned from college!

See ya real soon,



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