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5 WDW Resorts That I Love

There are an overwhelmingly amount of resorts on Walt Disney World Property. Now that I've done two Disney College Programs, I've had the chance to explore all of them and stay at a few! I absolutely love being at the resorts and having a non-theme park experience sometimes that's still Disney magic! I put together a list of my 5 favorite resorts that I never get sick of going to!!

1. Grand Floridian

This resort just holds such a special place in my heart now. I stayed here on my last day of my CP this past spring with my three best friends and we had the absolute time of our lives. I'm sure you all know that the Grand Floridian is one of the most expensive resorts on Disney property and veryyy sophisticated. We ordered room service, hung out in the complimentary robes, ate breakfast at the Grand Floridian Cafe, relaxed at the pool. We were truly living our best lives and never wanted to leave!!

2. Boardwalk

I've always gone to the Boardwalk to walk around, eat some snacks, shop a little, but I hadn't stayed until my best friend from home came to visit me on my first DCP! We got milkshakes at Beaches and Cream (Beach Club Resort) and walked around all of the resorts on the Boardwalk after. It was so nice having three beautiful resorts so close to each other and being able to take advantage of all of them. We got breakfast from the Boardwalk Bakery and ate outside along the water and that was such a fun way to start our morning!

3. Coronado

I stayed here with my boyfriend when he visited me on my first DCP and I honestly fell in love with it!! I hadn't really heard anything about this resort so I had no expectations. The vibe of this resort is so different from any other resort and I was OBSESSED. Its a veryy big resort so we had to walk a ways to get to our room from the lobby but I didn't mind at all. It's freaking beautiful everywhere. The food was so different from regular Disney food, probably because it's mexican-themed haha! We ate at Cafe Rix for every. single. meal. I was so excited to stay here again on my second DCP but COVID-19 cancelled our trip so that just means we have an excuse to stay here again in the future!

4. Caribbean Beach

I never stayed here but after walking around with my roommate and brother on my first CP, I want to soo badly! The distinct theming reminds me of Coronado and just has such a fun atmosphere. There were SO many cute picture spots at this resort but I was so mesmerized by how beautiful it was that I didn't take any, LOL. I also didn't eat anything when we were here but it definitely smelled good, haha!

5. All-Star Music

I really think this resort is the cutest of all the All-Star's. I came here with my friends on my first DCP and we found the cutest places to take pictures here! It's just a fun resort to be at. More families and kids are at these resorts than moderate or deluxe resorts but I still loved it!

Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite resorts are in WDW!!

See ya real soon,


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