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8 Tips For Taking Photos in Disney

One of my favorite things (if you didn't already know) is taking photos in Disney. It brings me SO much joy and is something I look forward to on every single trip! I've been sharing my favorite photo locations in the four Walt Disney World parks on Instagram reels and it has gotten me really in the photo taking mood! In this post, I'm sharing my best tips for taking photos while in Disney!

Here are 8 Tips For Taking Photos in Disney:

1. Go to a location you're actually excited to take photos at. Your genuine happiness will come across in photos and make the photos go so much smoother.

Ex) I would never ever take a photo at the Country Bear Jamboree because I'm just not a fan of that show lol! But I do love Tangled so taking photos at the Tangled bathrooms are SO fun for me!

2. Ignore the stares from everyone walking by. You will most likely never see them again and chances are they're getting photo inspiration from you!

Ex) I always get multiple stares at any Disney wall when taking photos but if I don't make eye contact with them while taking photos, it makes it less scary lol!

3. On that note, don't hog a location. Certain spots in Disney can get very busy for photo spots. If you're at one of these particular locations taking photos(listed below), within 5 minutes there's usually one or two groups waiting to take a photo there. Obviously getting the perfect shot is ideal but try not to keep everyone waiting!

Ex) The purple wall/galactic purple wall, front of the castle, & castle bridges can get very busy in Magic Kingdom. I try to be cognizant of other people around, snap a few pics, and then call it a day!

4. Have a general idea of the poses you want to do beforehand. You don't want to be scrolling Instagram trying to find poses to use while literally at your location (been there done that LOL). You don't have to plan it out to a T but have a general idea of 2-3 poses you want will make the photos go so much smoother and faster!

Ex) Some gals that give me major posing inspo are @disneywithcami, @mallory.drew, @josie.bullard on Instagram!

5. If the crowds aren't letting up, pick a different angle/area in that location. I promise, it's not the end of the world if it's not the exact angle you had in mind. Honestly, the photo will probably look better with less people!

Ex) The front of the castle is always much more crowded so I generally like to take photos on the two walkways that lead behind the castle.

6. I'm not kidding, I give myself 5 minutes at each location. I don't want to hold up my family or friends when taking photos (we're here to enjoy the day, not take photos all day long). I would much rather have more locations of photos than a hundred photos at one location. This is why I love having a general idea of the location and poses I want ahead of time!

Ex) On my January trip this past year, I had my mom quick snap a photo of me on the curb on Main Street with my Rice Krispy treat. I love the look of more candid photos anyway which is why I don't like to take a super long time!

7. Use Disney merch/food as a prop! There are many times where I have no idea what to do with my hands in photos and using a prop helps so much. Disney has the best merchandise and the most adorable Mickey shaped food so why not use that?!

Ex) A bag of cotton candy, bubble wand, new pair of Minnie ears are always so cute in photos. However, I'm not suggesting to buy these items solely for pictures... only if you were planning on buying them anyway!

8. Be aware of the direct sunlight. Overcast days are my BFF because the lighting is always perfect but that's rarely the case in Disney. I try to avoid the direct sun when I can because shadows across my body from the sun and squinting are two things I get the most frustrated about in pictures. I try to go into the shade if possible, wait for a cloud to cover, or just deal with it for a candid photo!

Ex) For castle photos, I love taking them a little before sunset because the lighting is much less harsh but otherwise, the lighting on the right side of the castle on the walkway to Fantasyland is much more shaded, still so cute, and hidden!

I hope some of these resonate with you and if you have any other tips that you swear by when taking photos in Disney or even outside of Disney, feel free to comment below or DM me on IG! I'd love to hear!!

See ya real soon,



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