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Free Things To Do in Disney

This last trip to Disney was full of SO many non-park things I wanted to share with you all the different things you can do that don't cost money!! Park tickets are expensive and sometimes you either can't go to the parks or just want to experience other things on Disney property. I've put together a list of 10 free things to do in Disney outside the Disney parks! The Skyliner is of course my favorite thing on Disney property but I wanted to share even more things to do because there really is SO many things besides the 4 theme parks and the 2 water parks.

Here are 10 Free Things To Do in Disney:

  1. Disney Springs. There are so many places for cute photos, lots of live entertainment, shopping (aka browsing if you don't want to spend money) and parking is free which is a huge bonus!

  2. Take the Skyliner. My favorite thing ever!! You can ride the Skyliner for free and stop at all the resorts on the Skyliner route to check them out and explore.

  3. Hang out on the beach at the Polynesian or at Caribbean Beach. These two beaches are so relaxing and have cute little hammocks & chairs you can hang out on!

  4. Take the monorail. Another one of my favorite things! The monorail brings you through three different resorts so why not ride the monorail and explore them?

  5. Chill on the lawn at Riviera Resort. Just like the Hub Grass in Magic Kingdom, it's super cute and fun to hang out on!

  6. Resort Hopping. You can either take the Skyliner or the Monorail or just park at Disney Springs and take a bus over to a resort. Just don't park at TTC or any of the parks because you have to pay for parking!

  7. Take the Ferry/various resort boats around Seven Seas Lagoon. Boats are always so relaxing and you can ride on the Ferry from TTC to Magic Kingdom just to ride it because the view is gorgeous. The other boats around the lagoon are much smaller but super relaxing as well!

  8. Walk around the Boardwalk. I LOVE the Boardwalk. It always has so much going on which is super fun. They have live entertainment and although they have lots of food and restaurants you can also just walk around and take it all in because it really is so much fun to hang out there.

  9. Watch a movie at the any resort at night while they have "Movies Under the Stars". Various resorts on certain nights will set up a movie screen outside so that families can watch a Disney movie or two. Anyone can watch and it's something different to do at night!

  10. Find new photo spots at any of the resorts. We all know I love taking photos so finding new walls or photo ops at Disney resorts has become one of my new favorite things!

On my DCP I was always looking for free things to do with my friends and am still doing that even now with my friends just on vacations! As always, thank you so much for stopping by and please let me know if there are any other free things at Disney you like to do that aren't on this list!

See ya real soon,



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