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How to Be Happy... The Disney Way

That feeling you get when you turn the corner and see the castle in Magic Kingdom for the first time (or 100th time) is pretty magical, right? That to me, is pure happiness. But somehow, I manage to channel that magical feeling no matter where I am, almost all the time. So many of you from Instagram tell me that you follow me because of my positivity & I want to share where that mindset comes from. That feeling I get in Disney World, literally can’t compare to anything else so I try my absolute hardest to recreate that feeling when I’m not there.

I’ve made a list for you guys of what I do at home (& everywhere) to find that happiness inside of me. I truly hope this helps to spark some magic in you too!

1. Smile. What do we always do in Disney World? Smile!! So right now I want you to actually smile & tell me it doesn’t make you feel at least a little happier. Because it sure makes me happier!

2. Laugh. My favorite thing to do. We laugh because something brought us positive emotions & we want to express that. So laugh a little bit more, like a lot more, because doing that completely re-energizes me and it’ll work for you too.

3. Play Disney songs. Not just Hakuna Matata or Under The Sea, but the actual park songs like the Festival of Fantasy parade, Happily Ever After fireworks, or Epcot entrance music. Those songs will instantly bring back the feelings you felt while you were in the parks. It works for me every single time.

4. Look at vacation pictures. I’m always always always looking back on Disney pictures. Remember what happened & think something happy about it. That’s what I do with my Instagram posts. I find a picture from a trip, remember what was going on & make a caption about that. You will never find me saying “wow life stinks here in NY because I’m not in Disney World & don’t know when I’ll be back”. That would be the worst thing to do to make myself happy.

5. Always be moving. I don’t really sit & watch television or do nothing. I’ve never been the kind of person that likes doing that. When I’m in Disney, I’m always going going going & never take a break. So when I’m at home I do the same thing! I like being busy!

I’ve been excited to write a post like this for so long, so I’m thankful I can finally share it with you! Thank you so much for stopping by & please please let me know if you liked this type of blog post. Have such a magical week & remember to stay happy 🙂

See ya real soon,



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