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My May Disney Trip

I came back from my Disney trip almost two weeks ago and am so excited to share all about it with you in this post today!! I can honestly say that this trip was one of THE BEST Disney trips I have ever taken for so many different reasons. In this post I'll be sharing everything we did on this trip broken down by each day so get ready for a long one!

My trip started Friday, May 14th and for that whole weekend I spent some time with a few of my friends I met on my DCP's who I hadn't seen in months! I got to explore Celebration, Florida, hang out/shop at Disney Springs, walk around the Grand Floridian, eat dinner at the Wave in the Contemporary and eat breakfast at Trattoria al Forno on the Boardwalk. At the Wave I got the Seared Gnocchi's and they literally were a 10/10. Need to go back just to eat that meal again. It was that good. At Trattoria I ordered a simple eggs and potatoes breakfast and it was okay, not my favorite but not terrible. I did get a mimosa though and that was sooo good! Honestly, it was just such a nice, relaxing weekend which is exactly what I needed before my girl's trip officially started Sunday night!


Our girl's trip was Sunday night to Friday night and the last time Jeannelle, Kayla, and I were all together was October 2019 so to say this trip was long overdue is a complete understatement. Since I was already in Orlando, Jeannelle and I picked up Kayla from the airport and went to a cute little cafe for dinner, 407 Cafe, for crepes and paninis. If you live in the Orlando area and haven't tried it, please visit Lake Nona and stop there because YUM.

That night we stayed at Pop Century and I had such a better experience at this resort this time around than last time I stayed which was on my February trip, hahaha. I cannot even tell you how many times I got lost at this resort so my expectations for this stay we're very very low lol. This time, we found our room so easily and just had such a good first night together. We watched Princess Diaries on Freeform so obviously the night was as good as it could be!!


The next day was honestly one of the days I was the most excited for and it truly lived up (if not exceeded) all my expectations!! We spent the morning riding the Skyliner, taking some fun photos on the Skyliner and at Pop, checked out of the resort, and headed off to Disney Springs. I was able to collaborate with a restaurant in Disney Springs, Wine Bar George, so my friends and I got to dine there for the first time! It was absolutely delicious; the Dole Whip Frozcato was INCREDIBLE. I shared a post on IG on our experience there so feel free to check that out :)

After eating lunch, snacking at Gideon's and shopping at Zara, UNIQLO, and World of Disney in Disney Springs, we checked into Coronado Springs and got to see our gorgeous room in the Gran Destino tower! I've shared before how much I love Coronado and this trip truly solidified how much I love it. Hands down, my favorite resort. Read all about my previous stay and all the amenities in this blog post! We did a Skyliner Bar Crawl on Monday night where we took the Skyliner to various resorts on the Skyliner route (Caribbean Beach, Riviera Resort, Pop again). I truly hate the taste of alcohol and am so picky with my drinks and surprisingly loved every drink I got which of course made me so happy, hahaha! I am posting a reel on Instagram this weekend of all the drinks/places we went to so be on the lookout for that!


Tuesday we spent the day at Animal Kingdom and Epcot and it was PERFECT. We rode Flight of Passage, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Everest, DINOSAUR, tried some new snacks (the chicken pot stickers from Mr. Kamal's were delicious), and took some photos. We got to see some of the character cavalcades in DAK and they just filled our hearts with so much joy. In Dinoland there are carnival games that I honestly never even gave a second thought to. This trip we actually played some of the games and it was so funny because that's truly never something I would usually spend my time doing on a Disney park day but we had so much fun with it!

That night we went to Epcot and I finally got to hear the new Epcot entrance music in person and ugh it's SO good. We went straight to Joffrey's and I got my usual, a caramel iced latte, and it hit the spot as always. We really just wanted to have a lowkey night so we walked around the World Showcase, tried some new foods in America and I got my favorite dish, Frushi, from Flower and Garden in Japan and it did not disappoint! We ended the night riding Journey Into Imagination and Test Track (one of my favorites also!).


On Wednesday we ordered breakfast from Ale and Compass (the To Go menu) and ate it outside on the Boardwalk. The dark chocolate waffles were DELISH... you must try them!! We spent the day at the Coronado pool and it was so nice to relax after our Disney day because our feet were absolutely sore as can be. We really wanted a fancy dinner on this trip so we decided beforehand that we would go to Three Bridges at Coronado! Honestly, we didn't love the food but we LOVED the Sangria flight and really loved the atmosphere of the restaurant!! We went up to Dahlia Lounge on the top floor of the Tower for dessert and it was so cool to be so high up that you can see Epcot and Hollywood Studios all lit up at night!


Thursday we originally planned to go to the beach but we decided to stay on Disney property instead. We had breakfast at the Grand Floridian Café which I was SO excited about because they have my absolute favorite French Toast! We shopped some more at Disney Springs then went back to Coronado. We decided last minute that we were going to stay an extra night at Coronado but we couldn't get another night at the tower so we stayed in Ranchos in Coronado Springs.

We really wanted to get everything out of this resort we could so on Monday night when we were walking around and exploring the resort, we saw a sign listing various activities/crafts and just knew it would be so fun!! For $5 we got to paint llama plasters and oh my goodness they turned out so cute!! I absolutely recommend no matter how old you are. It's just something totally different and so affordable! That night we watched Frozen 2 on the lawn outside the tower! It was such an unplanned day but it was SO fun.


Our last full day was just as sad as you can imagine. We spent the morning at the pool and in our hotel room looking at flights to visit each other because the thought of not having a next trip planned was just not okay. We went to Disney Springs for one last time for last minute shopping AGAIN and to eat lunch at Earl of Sandwhich! We left Springs and went to the airport and I'm sure you can imagine just how sad the goodbyes were. It was such an incredible trip and truly everything went the way we were hoping it would.

I posted SO many stories while I was there and saved them to a highlight on my Instagram so if you want to check that out, it's there for you! I'll be sharing lots of photos and videos from our trip so be sure to follow along on IG for all those photos to come! While I was there, I filmed a ton of little clips to create a montage of our trip together and I just uploaded it to YouTube earlier this week! Here is the link to the video!!

Please let me know if you have any questions about our trip and I'd be happy to answer them for you and maybe in a future blog post! Thank you for being here and I hope you have a great rest of your day :)

See ya real soon,



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