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Shopping Small in 2020

I've made it my goal this year to buy a majority of my Christmas presents from small shops! It's been so much fun trying to find new shops to buy from and seeing the incredible things people are creating! In this post I've created a list of all the small shops I've bought from this year and that I just love so much!! I hope this gives you some ideas for your holiday shopping!!

Pirate Ears: Shimmering Ever After / Floral Ears: Castle Bound Supply Co / Tee: All My Disney Ladies / Sweatshirt: Magic Castle Embroidery / Sign: Lillian & Co. / Candle: Magic Candle Company / Hair Accessories: Shop Andi

I've been spending so much of my time on Etsy this year. I try to think of of person I'm looking for and type in some things that they like. For my brother's birthday earlier this December), he did his DCP at Mission: Space in Epcot. I wanted to get him something that would remind him of his DCP so I typed in "mission space", "mission space epcot", "mission space poster", etc. I found the coolest shop, Kooky Katz, that sells retro Disney posters. I got him a ton of posters of attractions in Epcot that are replicates from the original posters that are in one of the buildings in Epcot currently. The posters look so cool in person and he LOVED them!! I got him an 11x17 poster of Mission: Space, and 4 8x10 posters of Test Track, Maelstrom, and two Spaceship Earth ones... all his favorite attractions there!

I've compiled a list of many, many small shops that sell everything from apparel to jewelry to mugs. Most of these are Disney small shops but a lot of them have pop culture/lifestyle products too!!








I will constantly be updating these lists so if you know of any other small shops or have a small shop, please let me know!! I love supporting and spreading the world about small shops :)

Even though it is close to Christmas, you can always shop small at any time of year!!

See ya real soon,



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