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Visiting ICON Park in Orlando, FL

This post is sponsored by ICON Park Orlando. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

On my last trip to Florida, I did so many new things beyond just the Disney theme parks! Every trip I've taken in the last year to Disney I've really wanted to explore Orlando more but I never had time/didn't really make time. This trip my two friends and I made it a point to do more than just Disney and I'm so glad we did!

While I was in Orlando on my most recent trip to Florida, I had the opportunity to visit ICON Park for the first time! I had no idea what to expect and was blown away by how much fun we had. ICON Park is located on International Drive in Orlando, FL. It's super close to Universal Studios and only about 15 minutes away from Disney.

This entertainment complex has so many different attractions, dining options, and places to shop. It can get a little pricey, however, the Play Pass is SUCH a steal!! The Play Pass includes admission to all seven attractions, dining discounts, and shopping discounts. The best part is that the pass is valid for 30 days meaning you can go again and again for a full month. Even if you didn't have the time to go for a full month, you're still saving so much with the pass and can even just use it 1 or 2 days. I highly, highly recommend this!

My two friends and I took full advantage of our passes and went on all but one of the attractions. We truly had such a memorable day here and I'm so grateful for this opportunity!

SeaLife Aquarium Orlando

This aquarium was incredible! It was much bigger than expected and I loved it- especially how how educational and interactive it was. There were so many different sea creatures from all over the world and I loved being able to actually see sea horses and feel coral in person. I have been wanting to go to an aquarium for so long and this was such a fun one!!

Museum of Illusions

This museum was CRAZY. There were rooms and rooms of different illusions and it was really funny to actually be involved in an them! These illusions had us laughing so hard and we just had a fun time in here. You do need to make a reservation ahead of time but it's so worth it. Here are a few that we loved the most:

The Wheel

This 400 foot tall observation wheel gives you amazing 360 degree views of Orlando. It's similar to a ferris wheel but much bigger and it doesn't really feel like you're moving. The best part is that you can connect your phone via Bluetooth to the sound system and play your favorite music during the 20 minute ride! This made our experience so much more fun and it was so cool looking for and spotting different landmarks. We found Volcano Bay, SeaWorld, and we think Spaceship Earth too! Definitely one of my favorite parts!!

Orlando StarFlyer

I decided to opt out of this attraction because I knew I would get motion sick from swinging so many times, hahaha! This is the world's tallest swing ride which is SO cool. On the StarFlyer, you ride to the top and swing around in circles all the way to the bottom... hahaha, not my thing! My friends liked it a lot though and said the views were pretty cool!

7D Dark Ride

This attraction was intense! It's a 7D ride which I had never experienced before... I had only been on 4D rides prior to this! This ride was essentially a virtual reality video game where you shoot clowns at a carnival and it simulates actually being at a carnival/on a roller coaster. I do get motion sick easily so this was a little intense for me but was super entertaining and a new experience for sure!

Madame Tussauds

Another hit was Madame Tussauds! This wax museum was so freaking fun and it was crazy to see how real they look!! We took so many pictures and videos and had many laughs interacting with the wax figures. It's also so interesting seeing how tall some of them are in "real life" since I tend to think every celebrity is 6' tall lol. I loved seeing Zac Efron, Walt Disney, and Selena Gomez, though!

$5 Game Card at In The Game

Included in the Park Pass is a $5 game card (equivalent to 20 credits) at the arcade! We played ring toss 2 times each and had a blast LOL. I kind of forgot how much I love arcades hahaha!!

The Pearl Express

This was the one attraction that we didn't go on. It is a little train ride around ICON Park and we honestly just ran out of time!

Now, with the pass you also get dining discounts. We decided to stop at iCafe de Paris for a snack and we were able to get 15% off by showing our pass. I got such a yummy strawberry and banana and Nutella crepe and it was even better that it was only $7, hahaha!

We really had such an enjoyable day here and I loved being able to see more of Orlando... especially while on The Wheel! Be sure to check out ICON Park's Play Pass and visit on your next trip to Orlando! I posted a fun TikTok of our day here if you wanted to see more of what it's like. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!!

See ya real soon,



Adelyn Kunos
Adelyn Kunos
Oct 14, 2021

love seeing what you thought of icon park!! also really appreciate how honest and authentic your opinions ate- you can definitely tell! :)

Danielle Yeager
Danielle Yeager
Oct 14, 2021
Replying to

Thank you Adelyn!! This truly makes me so happy and I appreciate your comment so so much!!

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