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Typical Day Under NY Stay-at-Home Order

Since the middle of March (I'm sure just like all of you) all my days are starting to blend together because of this self-quarantining we all have goin' on. Every day I try so hard to occupy myself with different things to do and it's kind of helped me not to go insane, hahah! I wanted to share with you what a typical day looks like for me while I'm staying home. It's really nothing crazy, I just wanted to share. So, I hope ya enjoy!!

Every morning (for the most part) I wake up around 7:30am, make my bed/tidy up my room, and go downstairs to work out. I love working out right away because it wakes me up and puts me in such a better mood. I wrote about my workout schedule in last week's post so you can check it out if you want! I always eat breakfast after that, usually an over easy egg with toast, my fav Special K protein cereal, an egg and some cheese on a bagel, something like that. Maybe some fruit on the side too if I'm feeling it.

I love my mornings because of how much a routine it is. I love having a plan (which is why I do the same thing basically every day). I go upstairs and shower after that and get ready for the day. As much as I love putting on and wearing makeup, I just don't feel like taking it off at night LOL. So I really just let my hair air-dry and put some moisturizer on my face and call it a day! Some days I'll put some more effort in and blow dry my hair or put it in french braids and some days I do minimal makeup like concealer and mascara but that doesn't happen very often- I just want to be comfy!!

I usually work on my blog a little, catch up on Instagram, post about my presets, edit pictures, search Pinterest, stuff like that in the afternoon. My mornings are always the same... the afternoon/night is always different! Some days I'll take pictures, other days I'll be a couch potato and watch Disney movies. My mom and I love sitting and talking in our family room though so that's where we are usually in the late afternoon! Sometimes I'll do yoga (even if I did work out already) in the afternoon just to do something. I used to color more in the beginning of quarantine, now I clean up the kitchen alot... LOL. I also talk to my boyfriend on the phone in the afternoons a lot and some days I FaceTime my friends which I love doing!

Somewhere in between there I eat lunch (if I do eat lunch that day lol) with my family! I'm honestly the worst with eating lunch. It's always been my least favorite meal so this quarantine I tried to make it a little bit more fun and appetizing so I've been making smoothies! It's literally so good but some days I seriously forget to eat lunch. Not sure how that happens but it does hahah!

At night I usually hang out with my family. We'll watch the news (always waiting for some more updates on COVID-19), watch HGTV, eat dinner together around 6:30pm ish. I sometimes help my mom make it but always clean up after. We've been addicted to Euchre (the card game) as two weeks ago so we've been playing that lots of nights! I always post on Instagram at 8pm so around there I'll be on responding to comments and DM's and just catching up on posts!

I get ready for bed around 10pm usually and some nights I'll do a face mask. I've been reading every night too and it helps me fall asleep and stay asleep so much better!! I have a very hard time relaxing which is why I'm usually just on my phone until midnight before I actually go to sleep. This has been helping me so much and I actually enjoy reading so much more than I used to!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my typical day while staying at home! If you have any requests for other blog posts, let me know down below and I hope you're all staying safe during this quarantine!!

See ya real soon,



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